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Signup on Hired to find your dream job (remote work available) as a Frontend Engineer at one of 10,000 companies looking for job seekers just like you. Companies on Hired apply to you You’ll receive salary and compensation details up front – before the interview. By crafting a profile on Hired, we’re confident that you’ll find a job you’ll love with companies such as Dropbox, Zopa, Capital One and many more. Common Responsibilities: Write clean code Ensuring cross-browser compatibility Building a library for future use Optimizing applications for scalability and speed Acting as a mentor to junior developers, through code reviews and design document critiques Crafting prototypes and quality mockups Skills in Demand by companies on Hired: Degree in computer engineering/web development/computer science or equivalent experience Preferred Skills: React, JavaScript, Java, Typescript, Python, Node.js, Java, AWS, Python, GraphQL, AngularJS, CSS, React Native, HTML, Ruby on Rails, C# and Vue.js are some of the most in-demand skills Apply today to kickstart your career with Hired

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