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Signup on Hired to find your dream job (remote work available) as a Backend Engineer at one of 10,000 companies looking for job seekers just like you. Companies on Hired apply to you You’ll receive salary and compensation details up front – before the interview. By crafting a profile on Hired, we’re confident that you’ll find a job you’ll love with companies such as Dropbox, Zopa, Capital One and many more. Common Responsibilities: Using frameworks to build service-side software and integrate APIs and cloud computing Analyzing and compiling data, codes and processes to identify areas of improvement and resolve issues Think strategically, creatively and innovatively using good judgment and technical skills Strong understanding of programming techniques and tools, as well as the web development cycle Record data and report findings to the appropriate partners Build security settings, restore and back up technologies for databases and websites Skills in Demand by companies on Hired: 4 years experience with Backend web development 4 years of experience building well tested large-scale, distributed systems Preferred Skills: Java, Python, AWS, React, Node.js, Go Language, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Kubernetes, Typescript, SQL, C#, C++, Scala, Ruby, Docker and Kafka are some of the most in-demand skills Apply today to kickstart your career with Hired

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